Numark Ion Audio - Numark Holding DJ Controller Hostage

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To start off I bought a Numark Mix Deck Express from Amazon in May 2012. It's my first time entering into the DJ Realm. I've always wanted to do it and admired my family members who DJ. I decided to take up the hobby and maybe make it a profession shortly after my uncle died, but never really had the money. I finally was presented with an opportunity to do so, so i took advantage of it.

I did alot of research on what type of DJ I wanted to be (House/EDM) and thought for a starter controller the MixDeck Express would fit me nicely since it allows you to use USB, CD's and a Computer. Fast forward a couple months later in May I made the purchase. Once the controller came in I loved it and was using it almost everyday and reading everything I could about DJing. I was getting ready to enroll in a DJ School in NY (i'm in Philadelphia) until my controller started to give me problems. Whenever I would fade from the left channel to the right channel, as I was cueing up the next song, the audio could still be faintly heard out of the right channel, which is not how it's suppose to work. This began happening in August; I started reading online about some ways to resolve it which were unsuccessful. Some even mentioned buying some cleaning materials to clean it. I didn't want to try that since it was under warranty when all of a sudden the issue stopped. I felt all was good and was even able to make my first recorded Mix. Shortly after the mix while preparing for my first gig (family party) the controller started giving me problems again. I contacted Numark to RMA it and shipped it off to them. This is when the fun begins.

When I got my email, this is an excerpt from that email "Pending availability of parts, our repair facility's turnaround time is currently 2 to 4 weeks (not including shipping time). Within this turnaround time, status or progress updates are not available. However, if the turnaround time, and time necessary for return shipping to you has passed, and you haven't yet received your product, please contact us at 401-658-3131 Mo-Fr 8:30AM-4:30PM with your RMA number (60026633), and we will be happy to help. Your satisfaction is very important to us!"

Numark received my controller the first week of Oct. My thoughts was ok, 2-4 weeks, it's just a crossfader that needs to be replaced, no big deal shouldn't take that long. I should have it back before the family gig the 2nd week of November. After contacting support people and their twitter page, i'm angry to report that Numark still has my controller and i'm being told that they are waiting for the part to come in. It has been a little over 7 Weeks since they've had my controller and you mean to tell me that a part has not come available in 7 weeks. We are now approaching the 8 week mark and I spoke to a tech who tells me to contact them in 2 weeks but he doubts they will have any good news for me. I reached out to Numark via Twitter and was told that a specialist would get in touch with me and that has never happened. I obviously had to cancel on my family, I moved into a new house and made my room a little personal studio and all it's doing is collecting dust.

I would like to thank Numark for first now living by your own words of " Your satisfaction is very important to us!" as I am very dissatisfied and taking what would have been a new road and joy in my life and taking all enjoyment i had out of it.

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Numark Ion Audio - Numark's Customer Service is Terrible

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My Numark Mixdeck (DJ Equipment) broke a while back and after I tried fixing it myself I contacted Numark's Tech support through email. They quoted 72 hours to get back to me after submitting the form. 72 hours came and went and no response so I decided to call tech support. I requested to leave work early, got home and called them. Waited on hold for over 45 minutes just to be hung up on about 30 minutes before they closed shop for the day. Since there was only 30 minutes left in their day I figured I would sit on hold if I called again so decided not to call back.

Pissed off at that I hit Twitter telling them how pissed I was. They responded back with an email address of who to contact. Feeling better that I have a contact name and email I wrote him. And to my surprise, no response. So I took a half day to call the company with more time in their day. Mind you they are only open until 7p EST and I'm central time and get home from work at 6p and they do not have weekend hours. Anyways, called them around noon, waiting about 20 minutes (not too bad) and talked to a rep. Told him my case and he was quick to send me an email of what to do. A little too quick, as in I want to get this dude off the phone (I felt). Before ending the call I asked him, repeatedly, for a case number, since the recording on hold said to have that available. He repeatedly said no because you will have my email and that's the best way to get a hold of me. Pretty sure that was BS I ended the call and tried the emailed instructions. They did not work and I emailed him back, with no response.

The entire time I was doing this I was also on Numark's Facebook support page. Getting a little better response every time I had a question, problem or their advice didn't work he would respond with the number and hours of tech support. I told him that wasn't really an option since they don't respond and I have a job that gets in the way of me fixing their products problem, he didn't seem to care and said to try and call if I can.

In conclusion: Numark's Tech Support / Customer Service is Terrible.

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Sag Harbor, New York, United States #923747

They are basically a company run by ***.Black folk who don't give a ***!

And they wonder why us whities disdain them.Go back to Africa where you can be bums in the jungle all your past, present and future.


Schedule times are nice.I tried setting up a scheduled time with Numark support and they never called, forgot to mention that in the post above.

This "schedule call" was supposed to take place 20 minutes before I got to listen to your hold music for 45 minutes to be hung up on.

Also is this Bangs responding?

Because if it is you told me to email you, provided me your email address, then nothing.I emailed my situation waited a week and followed up with another email and no response.


Hi Pocustomer82,

I manage the support team here at Numark. I'm sorry to hear that you've had difficulty getting assistance. It's important to me to provide a resolution as quickly as possible. Please phone me direct at 401-658-3131 x1241. I'll be happy to assist you. If there is a specific time that works best for you, just let me know, and I'll schedule a call out to you.

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to make this right!

Numark Ion Audio - Numark ion turntable damages records

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I purchase a numark ion turntable from bed bath and beyond to back up an old record in my collection.This record was damaged by the turntable which bore orb shaped grooves into the record on which it sits.

This record is out of print and the songs on the record are unattainable on the net for download. Ion would only offer me a slip mat for the turntable which i obviously returned and a pair of 10$ DJ headphones. I am not a DJ. The Supervisor was condescending in his offer as if take it or leave it.

BBB reached out to me as a follow up call, but every time I called back I only reached a voicemail. My call was never returned.

Needless to say I will never purchase any of their products again and will think twice before I set foot in a Bed Bath and Beyond store.It seems they take no responsibility for the products of manufacturers they are in Bed with.

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Numark Ion Audio - Ion Audio/Numark

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Ion Audio also Numark, makes products that are supposed to convert analog audio recordings to digital ones.Their products are cheap plastic pieces of junk good for nothing more then paper weights or amassed in quantity, a serviceable boat anchor.

Their customer service tact is to delay, lie, and stonewall. Incompetence is not their problem, poor design, shoddy manufacture, and outright deception are their favorite methods of scamming hard earned dollars from honest people. Brookstone is a major shill for these criminals and should be held culpable as well as accessories to this criminal behavior.

Neither company accepts an once of responsibility.

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Hello Scottsquared. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. It’s important to all of us here at ION to know how our customers feel about our products so that we can address any concerns.

Please know that in the industry, we have earned a solid reputation for quality and reliability. We take quality concerns very seriously, and will investigate any irregularity fully to ensure that any concerns have been addressed.

If we can be of any assistance, please contact us at 401-658-3743. Your satisfaction is important to us!

- ION Audio


worst customer service, maybe of any company i have ever dealt with. morons, idiots and retards rule the roost there. i think they hire out of the pool of fired taco bell employees.

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